Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Day Sixty-one...

My head's kind of throbbing right now, as if my blood pressure's spiking. I've felt overcaffeinated all day, although I only had my usual two in the morning. I feel tired and distracted and interested in nothing. I took a DHEA capsule to see what that's all about. It's supposed to be good for guys my age. I hope I'm not taking too much stuff. I'm taking Cymbalta, Singulair, and Lipitor. I take a multivitamin in the morning with my Cyumbalta, along with three saw palmetto caps and a couple milliliters of fo-ti. At night I take my other two scrips, plus vitamin C, Coenzyme Q10, three more saw palmetto caps, and now one DHEA cap. Is that a lot? I'm not eating very much these days, but the daily donuts and ice coffee are really keeping the fat glued on. I feel so lethargic all the time, so apathetic. I realize intellectually that this is not a good way to be, but physically and emotionally I can't help it.

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